you just need to be committed

so i'm in the atrium after church talking with some people and a guy comes up to me all fired up about the next men's ministry meeting and how i really should be there, bla bla bla. our church has a really fantastic ministry to men and have been doing some really great things for God, but let me tell ya, this guy was a little too zealous and wasn't getting the point i kept trying to slip into the conversation. my comment was..."yeah i'd like to get there and i'll try to make it if i can". and then he came back with "you just need to be committed".

so...that got me thinking about commitment. maybe actually it got me thinking more about guilt trips, but whatever. i think we all want to be committed...in fact i think every person is deeply committed to something or somethings...it's just different from person to person. what i wanted to tell my "more committed" friend is...
- today i committed to going to the church picnic, then visiting a friend in the hospital
- on monday night i committed to going to dinner with some other friends, then committed to being at church till about 9:30/10:00pm with the teens
- committed to playing and coaching softball every tuesday night which actually has turned into lots of ministry on my sabbath
- committed to having some people over on wednesday night
- committed to pouring ourselves into the teens till late thursday night
- thinking we probably should commit to having a couple from the church over on friday night to encourage them
- right now i'm not sure saturday morning FOR ME is a healthy commitment to make, even though it's a GREAT opportunity...

i can't be fully committed to everything. i'm not superman...and i'm not God. and even if i were God i still would leave people unhealed and hungry (he did that quite often, right?).

so will i join the men at 8am saturday morning? maybe...maybe not...not sure yet...but i do know that guilt trips won't get me there. i just have to figure out if it's worth committing to.

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