blogging sabbatical

i'm not sure we've been blogging long enough to deserve a blogging sabbatical, but i took one anyways. this week's been one of those weeks where there's so much to get done and you know you only have time to get the most crucial things knocked off...sorry to say, blogging didn't measure up this time around :( here's a few random updates from the last 7 days:
- got the new phone in the mail on tuesday and i LOVE it! it's actually pretty amazing what that thing can do, and it's pretty powerful. now if i can just keep it from falling off a roller coaster...
- went to an incredible hair cutting place called sport clips. the whole place is designed just for men, complete with tv's all over with espn on every one of them, hair stylists dressed like referees, and no appointments needed...perfect for men who don't think ahead. these guys know the value of knowing their target and creating an environment to reach that target!
- got to preach in 'big church' today and i was super thankful for the opportunity. during the first service i tried to stop it, but it slipped out - i made an "old" joke on one of the other pastors on staff...i don't know him incredibly well yet...so i'm curious how he's taking it (or how he'll respond when he preaches next week.)
- had a GREAT time hanging out with some friends after church today - amazingly refreshing!
- tomorrow night we start student leadership teams, and i'm VERY excited to see some students join the music team, drama team, and tech team for the first time! always awesome seeing students lead their peers!
- i'm really craving a good cup of iced coffee and a round of golf with some friends (who play as bad as me).

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes blogging can feel like a chore. It's important to keep it fun and carefree. There was a New York Times article a few months back about the health hazards associated with professional bloggers (writers who get paid a substantial amount of money to be a talking head). Anyway, one well known blogger suffered from a fatal heart attack. Most believe it was because of his addiction to his work. So my point is, write when you feel like it and only do it if you want to. With that being said, I really enjoy reading your updates. Cheers!