highlights from our week...

On Tuesday - we played the other co-ed team from Lakeshore and had a blast! (We won 25-18) We grilled hotdogs/burgers/etc afterwards and just enjoyed hanging out with everyone.Here's Cory coaching 3rd base.
We worked on our Summer Retreat 08 promo stuff. The church has a plotter - which is a big printer that can print banners! So, yesterday one of the secretaries just whipped out a few banners with this image. Wow! How cool is that?!?
We've been invited to a few different things tomorrow - but I'm pretty sure we're saying no to everything and just taking a day to do nothing! Wow - its so hard to say "no"! Especially when all the invites sounds so fun. Our week got really busy quickly - so in order to rebalance, we're taking the day just for us. We'll probably just hang out at home - sleep in, go for a walk,... and of course, Cor will spend some time working on his message for Sunday.
It would be nice if we considered Saturdays a full work day. We usually end up doing stuff to prep for Sunday... and naturally it makes sense. We could work Wednesday - Sunday and take Mondays & Tuesdays off! Sounds good to me! I wonder what it feels like to have 2 full days off in a row every week... We'd probably drive each other crazy and be bored out of our minds! lol.

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