mess of me

i try to get together with a friend of mine about every month for lunch just to reconnect and do some community & accountability. it was funny today as we got together and reflected, we realized how much of a mess both of us are...which really is an accurate realization anytime authentic community truly develops. switchfoot's newish song "mess of me" came up in the discussion, and so i decided to throw it in this post below.

I made a mess of me I wanna get back the rest of me
I´ve made a mess of me I wanna spend the rest of my life alive
I´ve made a mess of me I wanna reverse this tragedy
I´ve made a mess of me I wanna spend the rest of my life alive


clown phobia

gotta be one of the funniest commercials out right now!


random stuff

it has certainly been a busy season for us over the last few months, and i think it's safe to say that life may be starting to get back to "normal" - whatever that is. one of those chunks of the calendar where you can understand the need and manage over the short term, but you definitely wouldn't want to do for long.

some random updates...

- personal stuff: i kicked off the new year by joining some peeps at the church in trying to read through the bible in 2010. i've never done good at those plans...quite frankly i've never been able to do it in one year. so far i'm on target though, and i'm really thankful for the social networking component of this particular plan that we're using that interestingly really is helping me stay on task.

- adoption stuff: because we've been so busy and life has been so cluttered lately, we still are sitting on paperwork to get filled out before we can move on to the next step. hopefully we can make more progress in the next week or so. the entire journey has been so amazing and to see God provide in the ways that He has and all the people who are journeying with us. it's amazing and truly overwhelming. was talking to the students a few weeks ago about our church's values, one of them being racial reconciliation...and the adoption came up. didn't realize how deep within my heart this has rooted itself, but we're both growing more and more excited as the days move forward.

- ministry stuff: just came off of a weekend away at snowcamp. for the first time yet shanna didn't go with me on this particular retreat. we ended up scaling way back as sign ups lagged this year - we canceled the bus and did a caravan of cars, cut the # of adult leaders in half, and tried to save in other areas. great weekend though, and some really great discussions and decisions made by some of the students that went. i actually really liked the size of the group and the intimacy within it. really tight group.

- mariska stuff: she's back from boot camp! picked her up on monday (neither of us thought we'd miss her as much as we did). she has definitely made progress and is more responsive to us, but it'll probably be another couple months before she's really where we want her. there's more training that we will continue here at home as well as follow up visits with the trainer. there is hope for her yet...


Clean House...

My house is clean!  It has been clean for 3 days now!!!  I know this sounds like a silly thing and really shouldn't it be clean all the time anyways?  haha.  I really wish it was.  But - I am a messy person.  Unfortunately, I've turned Cory into an occasionally messy person.  And life is so busy that this hasn't been a priority.  It hasn't really been a priority since we've moved in.  Last week was the busiest we've had in a really long time and things were really getting out of hand.  We didn't have clean clothes and I hadn't seen my kitchen counters (because of dirty dishes) for well...  a LONG time!  That was just the normal stuff.  We won't even get into the extra build-up.

Anyways - I love when we have people over because I finally get my butt in gear and clean!  And it always feels SO good.  Especially when I can just relax and enjoy the cleanness.  (It probably has something to do with those exercise-induced endorphins floating around my head.)

So - three cheers for a clean house!!!  


LIfe lately...

This past weekend was our dodgeball tournament outreach event.  What a blast!  Then, LC2's grand opening the next day.  I have never sat in a grand opening before.  Especially not one where Senators and Representatives and many other area pastors and ...  all come and congratulate and encourage and bless and pray for the work that will be done in our new building.

The entire week before that was spent getting ready!  Cleaning, unpacking, organizing - basically moving into our new rooms.  They were only mostly done - so that meant moving in amidst saw dust.  I was so glad because it meant we were getting a bar/island thing and our pool table was being finished - but also crazy as I would try to organize an area, only to have to move it all over again. 

I'll attach pictures soon.  Promise. 

Then, Monday - we took Mariska to puppy boot camp for next 2 weeks.  She was so good that morning.  :)  Then, we got in the car.  I contemplated opening the door and pushing her out!  She was so bad.  Thankfully, we arrived at Mutt & Jeff's Training just in time!  She displayed her resource guarding behavior very well for him.  But, also responded to him immediately.  We were amazed!  He would walk and then stop and she would sit right beside his leg.  AMAZING!  He was gentle, but firm.  He also explained everything he did to us and accurately predicted how she would respond.  We miss our puppy something awful, but also can't wait to see how she'll be when she gets home!

I worked Tuesday, but Cory got me a little tiny ice cream cake and flowers for my birthday.  (plus a snuggie and lots of chocolates and cookies and starbursts, etc.)  Then, Wednesday we worked and relaxed last night.  Today - we have Flower City Programming Meeting and Fusion tonight!  Then, our friends are coming to visit for awhile before their flight out.  Gonna be a good day.  :)