memorial day weekend

this is a weekend of travel for us. we're spending the first part of the weekend with Shanna's family to celebrate Grant's graduation from high school and then taking off for a short "anniversary getaway" on Sunday night. it's been SUPER nice to get away for 4 straight days! a couple random thoughts...
1) the trip to Pittsburgh is now a couple hours shorter, but for some reason feels just as long
2) wondering what is so great about pro hockey...even if the Penguins are in the finals
3) wondering why the finals have to be 7 games and not just 1 to get it over with :)
4) pondering the hard and often frustrating transition from high school to college/adult life
5) realizing that something is seriously wrong when you cross the border into PA and are excited to see $3.99/gallon.



We had a softball game last night and lost, but still had a great time! I got base-hits and legitimately ran across home plate TWICE! WAHOO! Cory slammed a few into the outfield and encouraged everyone despite his incredible competitiveness! The game is so much more enjoyable with a good umpire and good humor on both sides!

I am loosing my fear of the ball... I've gotten hit at least 3 times since the season started and have bruises, but its not so bad! Not that it is enjoyable, but they usually don't aim for my head or use rocks instead of balls, like a certain little brother used to do!



Cory surprised me for lunch today & took me out for pizza! Right next to the pizza place is a little cafe. It looks very promising - sweet lighting, comfy boothes, relaxing aroma, and its connected to the pizza place! I think we found one of our soon-to-be fav places!

One of my dreams is to open a coffee house someday... And Greece might very well be an excellent location! Oh - the potential! However - by the time we could afford (financially & time-wise) to jump into that endeavor, I wonder if cafes will still be popular?

I suppose I'm more interested in creating the atmosphere... choosing the furniture, colors, aromas, music, lighting, design,... than in the actual coffee. Any one wanna partner with me? You handle the business end and I'll take care of the people end!

Just out of curiosity - what features would YOU look for in a coffee house?
i.e. fireplace, Jack Johnson music, couches, exposed beams,...



so you can probably guess who's posting this one. no pictures. nothing 'artistically crooked'. no little captions (because there's no pictures). just a few words. fantastic night at youth group tonight - good atmosphere and energy. i got hit in the face with a basketball after dunking on a low rim. watched a funny mt. dew chugging contest. let rob bell and nooma do the preaching tonight - very powerful. i'm now eating meatballs and tortalinis and about to fall asleep...

Parents are AWESOME!

After 3 years - we finally have a BED! Its amazing how much more "bedroomie" our room feels with an actual bed frame. It is huge - so we've moved my hope chest (that Cory's dad made) out into the living room as a temporary "coffee table".

I have a thing with taking crooked pictures...
the footboard...

Notice the VERY awesome afghan my mom made for us! She actually had to go to the doctor while making it, because she had an allergic reaction to the yarn! Yet - she persevered and we have a BEAUTIFUL afghan that fits our ginormous bed! Yeah, Mom!

AND our totally awesome bookshelf that Cory's dad made for us for our anniversary/Cory's birthday! Our house feels so much more homey now! Thanks, Dad!