Cory surprised me for lunch today & took me out for pizza! Right next to the pizza place is a little cafe. It looks very promising - sweet lighting, comfy boothes, relaxing aroma, and its connected to the pizza place! I think we found one of our soon-to-be fav places!

One of my dreams is to open a coffee house someday... And Greece might very well be an excellent location! Oh - the potential! However - by the time we could afford (financially & time-wise) to jump into that endeavor, I wonder if cafes will still be popular?

I suppose I'm more interested in creating the atmosphere... choosing the furniture, colors, aromas, music, lighting, design,... than in the actual coffee. Any one wanna partner with me? You handle the business end and I'll take care of the people end!

Just out of curiosity - what features would YOU look for in a coffee house?
i.e. fireplace, Jack Johnson music, couches, exposed beams,...

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Alaina Coiner said...

I'd look for tiny prices! :) I can't wait for fridayyyyyyyy!!

PS I hope your new bed is as much fun to jump on as the old one was.