Cory should be home from work soon... yay! We're having hotdogs & pasta salad for dinner. A hot summer day with some nicely blackened hotdogs smothered in oozy ketchup! Oh, yah!

Since our "cell phone funeral," Cory desperately needed a communication device in which all the buttons worked! Last night - he discovered his dream phone! The past few days he buried himself in cell phone reviews and crtiques... and finally decided! So, he put a bid out and a few counter-bids and now - joyously anticipates the arrival of his NEW PHONE! (A fact which he continuously reminds me of - and will continue to remind me of - until his phone arrives. And probably for a good week following the much-anticipated arrival!) I'm sure he'll post some pics once it arrives!

Here is what I worked on today... All the fonts brushes, etc are someone else's work. So, I didn't create it from scratch - just kinda fit the puzzle pieces together. (Just a little copyright disclosure!) Its part of the slide for our main worship service - when the middle schoolers are dismissed.

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