the 4th of july

well it's the end of the week and tomorrow's saturday morning. shanna is anticipating a "full breakfast" made by yours truly...but i'm betting (and hoping) that neither or us wake up until lunch - it was a great day today, but absolutely exhausting. spent some great time today catching up with family and friends, eating hoffman hotdogs, and slurping watermelon. we arrived at church around 6 for lakeshore's annual 4th of july community day - an super fun summer party with inflatables, basketball, soccer, a dj and music, a bbq with lots of food and drinks, and watching fireworks off in the distance...good stuff. everything was great until i made an absolute fool of myself doing the electric slide and some other dance with a bunch of other people who obviously knew what they were doing. i think i just looked like...well i'm not sure what i looked like...and even now i'm not sure i even know what the electric slide is. one thing i am pretty sure is that i don't think i pulled it off.

shanna and i had a conversation with a friend today and their question was along the lines of when shanna and i are gonna have kids...but it was asked as if it's as easy as picking up a bag of fritos from wegmans. well that's not always the case for everyone, and though i wanted to educate them on the spot, i was more comfortable staying at the small talk, surface level at the time. so we gracefully smiled and moved the conversation on. arggg.

in other news, shanna made roast beef the other day for dinner and it was SOOO good. the pot is actually still sitting soaking on the stove and looked kinda gross...i couldn't resist.

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Shanna said...

Now I understand why Cory refuses to dance w/ me at weddings! :)