oh saturdays...how i love you

can't even say how nice it was to have NOTHING on the agenda for us today. we all need those days every now and then, especially when life gets out of balance. we relaxed today and had a chance to catch up on a lot of things on the "behind on" list. one of those things for me was a bunch of stuff on the car. the car's due for inspection this month, and for the past few weeks we've been down to just one brake light bulb working (out of 8)! i replaced those, and worked on the horn. it's been out of commission for a few years now - off and on. last winter i actually spent about 5 hours searching for WHERE it is on the car, and then another 5 hours trying to get the old one off, to no avail. today i tried again, loaded with WD40 and lots of determination. it's now 10:06pm...i'm really sore...and the stupid horn is still fastened snugly to the car. at around 7 i finally got so fed up i pulled the wires off the old horn, fastened the new horn right next to it, and hooked the wires up. when you blow the horn from inside the car now, it sounds like a sick cat's meow because it's sorta pointed in the wrong direction. oh well, that's just how we roll...

oh yeah, shanna didn't get breakfast made by yours truly. i added a little special "flavoring" to her water last night...she didn't wake up till noon. haha

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