crazy C Clan

I had a great weekend visiting with family. My parents rented a car for me to drive down. That way Cory wouldn't have to ride my pink bike around town. lol. We went to airport @ 7AM Friday and picked up my white Chevy Malibu. Then, went out to breakfast @ Perkins. I left here around 11:00AM. I HATE driving. I mean - I really despise driving, but its a necessary evil and I'm pretty proud of myself for making it all the way down & back with no incidents. I picked up Anna a little early from Camp and then we headed to Mom & Dad's.

That night the Coiner clan came over for our July birthdays (Happy Birthday Pap & Brooke!). What a blast - We did a create-a-S'more for dessert. Yum! I just ate the chocolate w/o melting my marshmellow. lol. Then, we opened presents and simply enjoyed being together. I know I miss being with my family - but it becomes so obvious when I'm sitting there with everyone... It was great fun to laugh with everyone and know that this is my family and I belong. :)

Then, Saturday was the 6th Annual Clark Pig Roast! Uncle John & Aunt Anna have it at their campground. The heat was incredible - poor JC's cheeks were soooo red. The pig was great - I sat with Dad & Alaina and watched them take it off the spit, then carve it. Grant jumped right in. I am amazed every time I see my little brother - when did that annoying little middle school boy grow into a hot & salty man? lol. I'm proud of him.

Anyways - after watching them and seeing the pig's head - I couldn't eat much pork. Some of the little kids kept calling it bacon - didn't matter what part - it was just "bacon". Uncle John & Aunt Anna put on a great party - and there were no lightening strikes - so I guess its all good.

Anna & I drove home Sunday - we left around 7:45AM and made it here by 1ish. I was so tired - so I stopped A LOT. I made Anna walk around at the rest stops with me. She slept for probably 4 hours of our 5.5 hour trip. haha. But, the last hour or so - she became a chatter box. A fact that I'm incredibly grateful & hopeful as I look forward to spending an entire week with my little sister.

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