saturday night randomness

wow what a week - it was fast paced and busy every day, but a good week. here's some of the highlights...
- lost our last softball game on tuesday night. were sad to end it that way and not go into the playoffs, but also very relieved to have the season over and tuesday nights free again.
- recently got into one of lillian jackson braun's murder mysteries, "the cat who..." books. i like to read, but not usually anything more than ministry-related stuff. but this has been a nice escape from ministry during this busy and draining season. very addicting and intriguing books (though not anywhere near the level of 24).
- debuted our tiki bar for the first time on thursday night...and it was awesome! so nice to watch our ministry space become more 'teen friendly' and give ownership to the students. i'll probably be posting some pics of the tiki bar in action soon.
- shanna and i finally experienced our first garbage plate! it's a rochester thing...basically anything that goes on a hamburger, plus a couple sides and some extra grease all gets mixed together on one plate. very interesting...and despite the sound, it doesn't taste too bad.
- had to replace the battery in the car this morning. it had been working kind of sluggish all week and finally wouldn't start at all this morning when i tried to take off. and one thing i learned about myself...even though i already have my own jumper cables i needed somone's running car, and i HATE asking for help from others. if i could do it all on my own...somedays i think i actually would try.
- some very great friends will be leaving on monday to take the next step in the journey God has called them to...this time to mozambique! it has been amazing helping them pack and get rid of lots of their "stuff" and what a great reminder it's been to me that this life is not about what we can see in front of us...but it's about the unseen, for now untouchable things that are so important, that we sacrifice for, and that we give our lives to. we will miss them like crazy and are thankful for airplanes and email.

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