Date Night

We actually had an entire day-off today. No appointments or meetings or get-togethers. Just us. Hanging out. We went to Kohl's and rummaged the sales. Found some good deals and Cory encouraged me to splurge a little. So, I got a new shirt, plus a knecklace and earrings to match! Wahoo! Cory found a nice new polo shirt. (Maybe he won't notice when I throw away his holey green polo, since he has a nice replacement!) Then, we went to dinner and used some great coupons. Now we're at home watching the Olympics. Actually, the Olympics are on, but Cory is reading his cat murder-mystery books and I'm obviously blogging...

The breeze is whispering in through our balcony door and the bugs are singing their serenade. I love evenings like this... When life feels good and peaceful. My heart is content and my mind is full of blessings. Here are some pics w/ our new duds.
Too bad for Cory that he's not looking. This pic shows off our new shirts the best.
(Yes, they do match. No, it wasn't purposeful!)

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