Teen to another Teen: "We are the only young ones on stage... everyone else is old!"
Me (very incredulously): "Are you calling me old???"
Teen: "Well, um... you aren't one of us anymore!"

Adult to Me: "As a 32 year old,..."
Me: "Excuse me, Did you just call me 32? I think I'll take that as a compliment since everyone always says I look younger than I am... like 18 instead of 25!"
Adult: "Well, you definitely DON'T look 18 anymore!"

And then ... that which I've been finding for awhile, but trying to pass off as lighter blond highlights... nope, no more... (though Cory acts like his life is on the line when I shove my head in his face for him to inspect - so according to him, I don't have any **** hairs) But, I'll let you decide...
"The glory of young men is their strength, gray hair the splendor of the old." ~Proverbs 20:29

So, my strength & glory might be diminishing... but WATCH OUT! because the splendor of the old is coming quick!


Christa said...

That is gray hair! Welcome to the club it's ok to blame Cory for it :)

Sue Cagley said...

Welcome to the club! Enjoy each day:-)