baptism celebration

woke up this morning - like any saturday morning - wanting to do absolutely nothing and just stay in bed. it's been a tiring and exhausting week and with the retreat happening next wednesday thru friday, i know that a week from now we'll be feeling even more drained. and that's when the battle began. in my schedule today was an "optional" event - i knew it'd be good to be at it, but i really didn't want to show up. but i'm so glad we made the trip (even though we were 15 minutes late!). we attended our first baptism celebration at lakeshore today, and it was so refreshing to hear the stories of 9 people who's lives have been radically changed because of Christ! stories of people involved in destructive lifestyles, pursuing money, chasing happiness, chained to alcohol, addicted to sex, abusive relationships...and then finally at a point in time God ARRESTED them and changed their lives forever! that's what it's all about! no question about it...that's what it's all about - and i'm so glad we were reminded of that today!

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