a view from the summit

the leadership summit was absolutely fantastic - extremely motivating and spiritually energizing. i'm not sure going into the summit i realized how important good leadership truly is to any organization, but it challenged me to evaluate and improve in a number of different areas. hybels started opened the summit with the first session - a very powerful and moving challenge. here's a few highlights:

a few other things that stood out to me:
- AMAZING technology - crazy to think that an event can be viewed and experienced crisp and clear through a live satellite video feed to over 150 locations!
- very interesting to watch us all worship together by singing, clapping, laughing, etc. with everything going on at the chicago site as if it was in our own auditorium. all week i was skeptical if the same response would be evoked on the normal 'small' screens had they not had the massive 'theatre-size' screen that i coveted all week for our next youth outreach event!
- i have always admired craig groeschel - he spoke at the 5th session and it was absolutely phenomenal! i was supposed to be greeting at the door after the session and didn't exactly do my job because i was so into it. very authentic and real!
- i'm realizing that it may take a few days to process and unpack all that i learned...

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