today was one of those frustrating days that we all have...constant interruptions and poor time management because of poor management of those interruptions. a lot of it was generated for me because of willow creek's leadership summit that lakeshore is hosting via sattelite tomorrow and friday. today is the day where many from the church come out to help setup - dismantle rooms, test the sattelite feeds, set up tents, etc. anyways, i went home so ticked and frustrated by the tiny amount of work that i got done today with an ever growing to do list...frustrated at all the people that interrupted me today and with the event itself. i'm already losing 2 days to go to this leadership training thing...why did i have to lose today too? and then i went here and watched the video...and i've gotta say, my perspective is a little different. there's still lots to do, and it's gonna be a long week, but i've gotta say, i'm honestly looking forward to the summit and i really want to soak in absolutely everything i can. and to be fair...i would probably not go to this event unless i was forced to, and i'm sure i'd be missing out on lots!

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