so it's tuesday night and we're both about ready to crash. as i type this out i'm realizing how difficult it is to keep up with this whole 'blogging' thing. wow we stink at it. oh well...some random thoughts from us lately:
- it feels way better to win than to lose - we got smoked last week in a softball game against a team from gates wesleyan, and so tonight, when we got to play them again, i told the team i wanted revenge. we walked away from the game winning 31-15. it felt so good.
- praising God for lcc - we love it so much and are convinced this is where God wants us. great people...compelling mission...passionate enthusiasm...and tons of support. love it!
- attended a prayer meeting with a few other believers from the area at athena middle school earlier this morning and there's something really cool and special about praying with others that you've never met. it's also a bit awkward to be honest, especially when your stomach lets everyone in the room know you should've eaten breakfast.
- sat through a super interesting staff meeting today as we discussed some of the results from the reveal survey lcc did earlier in the year. amazing. i was taking notes left and right and am sure more discussions will follow.
- just watched this clip from louie giglio.

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