cell phone funeral ?

so we're at darien lake the other day - just shanna and I on our day off...second ride of the day and something goes terribly wrong. it's the mind eraser - the coaster where you're feet get to dangle over water and lots of soggy grass. started the coaster with my cell phone firmly secured in a side pocket...or so I thought. i even made sure the phone was wedged between my leg and the seat. but then, i got into it. arms waving, legs flailing. oh yeah. and when the ride was done, the phone was gone!

we spent hours looking for it, calling it, listening to the rings...then voicemail. we filed a report. then at the end of the day we called it again and it went straight to voicemail. we could finally put to rest the wondering and hoping...it was dead, very dead. probably laid to rest in the bottom of the lake.

later that night i'm left thinking...
- 10 years ago this wouldn't have been a big deal
- i've been spoiled with that thing and i really want it back
- it's amazing how much MORE cell phones are used now (voice conversations is just one of MANY uses)
- it's just a piece of metal (there are more valuable things that could have fallen off)
- luke 15 means a whole lot more to me now as i'm reminded how intensely God searches for us
- what a stupid rollercoaster...

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