What a Weekend!

We went to Houghton College's Ropes Course this past weekend.

I'm climbing a really thin tree - felt like a million feet in the air, probably only about 60/70 feet. My goal was about half-way up, once I got past that it wasn't as hard.

I attempted the "Dangling Duo" or "Jacob's Ladder" with Mikey (after climbing the tree).

This picture is of the "ladder". The 2 ropes in front were our lines attached to us and the belayers. I stood up on the bottom rung in the picture (which was the 2nd rung) but couldn't make it up and over that middle rung. The rungs were probably about 5'5" apart between the 2nd and third rung, so I had to hang on over my head... (After that they got further apart!) My muscles were shaking and we were using each other to push off of with our feet... I have a bunch of bruises! I love war-wounds! :)


Friday night we walked down into a field and looked at the stars. We found one of the Dippers and saw some shooting stars - did you know that when we see a shooting star - its actually burnt out several days before we see it? I learned that from the teens this weekend.

Staring at tens of thousands of twinkling stars... Listening to the low croaking bull-frogs and the soothing tree frogs... Feeling the scratchy grass and pesky bugs... Enjoying the company of crazy teens... God reminded me of His HUGENESS! To be so big and strong and powerful to create all of that and yet, love me consistently and faithfully... When I'm in the midst of "the daily grind" I lose sight of this truth. Instead - life's crappiness & my own failures cloud my view.

I'm thankful we got away. I'm thankful we know the kids better. I'm thankful for pushing past my fears. I'm thankful for the way God works beyond my understanding... even when it hurts.

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