long weekend

had a great weekend out at houghton college. i love heights and the 'free-falling' feeling and i love seeing students push themselves further than they thought they could. it was fantastic! a couple things i have to say though... i don't like bugs and i really really really appreciate air conditioning and whoever invented it ought to get a raise this year...

some thoughts running through my head this evening...

1) VERY excited about the excitement generated around the youth group's summer student leadership teams - opportunities for the students at lcc to get involved in ministry and leading their peers! there's few things in life better than seeing teenagers serve and lead!

2) struggling to keep parents informed...but not too informed...but informed...it's a balancing act and something we're always trying to improve on. do you blog announcements, send out emails, snail mail, convince parents it's not important, pay a senior higher to do it for you...?

3) been looking at and impressed with a website design company called clover. i've got to get the youth group's website back up at some point, but i'm taking my time until we find just the right one that's clean, simple, easy to navigate, and yet fun, interactive, and modern.

4) kung fu panda is looking like a hilarious movie and it's on our 'to see' list

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