We went down fighting...

The Penguins played hard, but we still lost. Oh, man. What a bummer. It was a little anti-climactic after Monday's game. Pretty cool we made it to the Stanley Cup Finals!

We went to Wendy's tonight. Just a quick trip to get 2 Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers, Mayo & Lettuce only. Well - they messed up our order and gave us a chicken wrap & fries. When I got inside, there was a line of people with messed up orders too. I wasn't upset - I think it would be pretty stressful to work at a fastfood place during the dinner hour. However, the lady before me was a different story! She was pretty steamed. I mentioned feeling badly for the workers and in response received a nasty look... Then 2 of the workers began talking with the disgruntled lady. One of the workers mentioned the girl in-charge of the drive-through wasn't so "bright". They were all agreeing, etc.

Oh! I was so stinking ANGRY at them. Let's not only blame somebody else, let's say derogatory things about her in the process! RRRRGGGGG!!!! How would you have responded to these people? Maybe I was chicken, but I just grabbed my correct order (and the chicken wrap & fries) and left. I've thought of a million things to say to those people to "put them in their place" since coming home - but that obviously doesn't help me.

Sigh. I hate sin!

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