swimmin with dolphins

yeah we actually did - it was pretty cool. actually we only think they were dolphins, but they could've been something else in the ocean with pointy fins that stick straight up out of the water. what a blessing to be able to get away, relax and regroup, think, detach, and recharge. here are some highlights from the week that was. we should be getting some pictures up soon...
- enjoyed hot temps and warm gulf of mexico water during the first half of the week.
- the wedding ceremony seemed to go well. it was so unique and fun to see brendan and alaina married on the beach. it's amazing how a wedding is powerful certainly for the couple getting married, but also for you as someone "watching".
- the reception was a lunch cruise around tampa bay, and we sailed by a bunch of celebrity's vacation homes. it was amazing to see how much money they sunk into those properties. i think it made me angry actually.
- it was a GREAT time connecting and spending time with the family - i miss that and wish life and miles didn't get in the way so much.
- we played lots and lots of boggle, and i found that i'm really horrible at it. i guess my brain just doesn't think that way! alaina smoked us all.
- i found that i love palm trees...even if they don't have coconuts. it felt so tropical.
- the second half of the vacation florida was recovering from a pretty bad drought. good for florida...not so good for vacation plans. we still found stuff to keep us busy and had good times.
- discovered this wonderful little donut shop within walking distance from the hotel. the smell inside took me back to my dunkin donuts working days, and their boston creme donuts were amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
- a woman on our flight back home had one of those swine flu masks on. i so wanted to slip her a piece of paper that said 'i have it'.

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