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- had a great night at youth group last night as we kicked off a new series on friendship. experimented with a new cafe-like format: round tables, dimmer lighting, butcher paper and crayons on tables, discussion groups throughout the message time, iced coffee and milkshakes, etc. the band started the night off by opening with the theme song from the tv show 'friends'...fun night all around and it's looking like a good series that will hopefully meet some needs.

- heading out to pittsburgh this evening for a quick trip to connect with the family and nail down some details for alaina & brendan's wedding on the 17th. we are SO excited for them (and selfishly no doubt we're excited to get away to someplace where the sun exists).

- just this week they started construction on the new addition to our current facility at the church. here's some shots of the action:

- finally finalized some key details for the vision trip to mozambique: shanna and I, along with 3 other leaders from the youth group will be leaving on august 8th and returning on august 18th. VERY excited to see with our own eyes all that God is doing over there and how we can partner and simply join alongside, specifically next summer in 2010 as we bring a team to teens!

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chel said...

so excited that you are going to Mozambique! only wish it was a month earlier... :)