absolute truth

i get very angry when i hear people today say that there's no such thing as absolute truth and unchanging morals. most of the time people don't come right out and say it like that...but a lot of the time it gets masked by qualifying statements concerning certain ideas or behaviors. i guess what particularly frustrates me even more is when people make it sound like the rest of the world believes that there are no absolutes as well right along with them.

i just read an article in the paper on michael phelps and his return to swimming after his 3 month suspension for being caught smoking pot. and i don't know why but the article stirred something inside me on this whole issue. before the summer started last year, hardly anyone knew his name. by the end of the summer, he was america's hero. and in one moment of weakness, the hailed hero was brought back down to our level.

but the world responded. and not in a "there's nothing wrong with this" kind of way... or in a "that's wrong for some but ok for him" kind of way... no. the world responded by suspending him for 3 months, publicly embarrassing him, chastising his "negative" example, and causing him to seriously question whether he'd even return to the sport he so skillfully competes in. and the world responded like this because there is still absolute truth and people still believe in it.

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