sunday night

the weekend that was:
- spent some time on friday and saturday with some very good friends...some that we haven't seen in over a year now. it's cool how there are certain people you can go months/years without talking to and then bump into each other...and continue the conversation as if there was no break.
- went to a super fun birthday party for two very special 3-year olds. had no idea how much fun inflatables are...even for some 20 somethings. it was amazing. thankful for pictures and skype.
- stopped by my parents' house on the way home to wish mom a happy mother's day. it's amazing how blessed we are with a mother who loves and cares for us so deeply.
- was able to catch the 9am service, and then taught the junior highers during the 11:00 service. started out the time with "mother's day tag" - it was pretty funny, and i love giving middle schoolers "permission" to be middle schoolers.
- had a rare sunday night tonight with no small groups or student leadership meetings. we looked for something on tv, but since the only thing on was desperate housewives (all of which i'd like to shoot) we went to hulu and watched an episode of the office. hilarious...

the week that might be:
- working monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday this week as we're taking off for the great state of florida on friday. wedding rehearsal friday night...cory gets a tan on saturday...wedding on sunday...and then vacation begins on monday. we are so excited to get away and detach from ministry/refuel.
- in preparation, it'll be a full week so that nothing gets dropped while we're gone.
- some friends from church are coming over for dinner monday night; tuesday night is a softball game - hoping that we stay undefeated.

thinking about:
- getting a goat. i spent what feels like an 8 hour day between last night and this afternoon mowing the front and back lawn. course in part it took so long b/c i had let it get so high and had to go over it a couple times in parts... i so wish we had the budget for one of these right now - i could do the lawn in less than a half hour!
- genesis 3. it's been on my mind and part of my reading lately...and i'm not sure it's gonna leave anytime soon. i always knew that the fall of man messed humanity up...but i think lately i've begun to recognize that maybe it messed us up far more than i ever thought... there are a number of things in society and life that are hard to explain, and though it doesn't clear everything up, right now it seems that genesis 3 does a good job at least starting to paint the picture.

wishing that:
- coffee didn't come with a headache-inducing addiction.
- simple student ministry came out a week earlier - it'd be a great read for vacation. i read it's companion simple church and it had a profound impact on how i view church.
- shanna would blog. i know blogging isn't part of what the proverbs 31 woman does...but neither is using a dishwasher (yet we still find time for that).

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