welcome to the planet

it's a great day because it's a thursday...a day that we get to "breathe life" into teenagers! i'm so excited and pumped for tonight - it's probably our biggest thursday night of the fall as we kick off our new series "welcome to the planet". throughout the next 6 weeks, we're gonna try to help the students struggle and squirm with the question of why we're here on the earth, and tonight i'm just gonna do a basic overview of the series and challenge the students to come back for the rest.

but one of the things that's at times brutal, frustrating, messy, daunting, and awkward about preaching...no matter what the topic...is that i have to live it, sniff it, breathe it, and let it go through all of me before i can present it. this has been one of those weeks where the truth that i'm preaching tonight has hit me pretty hard as it's riveted through the different parts of my life. god exists, and he's really there. sometimes the simplest of truths have the deepest impact. he's there and for some reason, he's intensely interested in the mundane details of my life. the everyday boring stuff that nobody else cares about is like riding the superman at darien lake to him. two questions that are bouncing around my brain this afternoon...how do people do life without owning this understanding, and how did i get it when so many others have not?

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Todd said...

you, my friend, should write a book.