"Shocking Sarah"

I'm so frustrated with all the hype around Sarah Palin! Or rather the lack of focus on her and the excessive focus on her pregnant 17 yo daughter. Just a reminder - we have public schools handing out birth-control pills to our girls and condoms to our guys. Bristol is 17 - she is making her own choices and living with those consequences. Every last one of us is living with the consequences of our 17 yo choices. Think about it... As a senior in high school - we're all trying our wings, learning to be our own person. So, she made a stupid choice and got "caught."

Let's talk about all the teen-agers making the choice to have pre-marital sex! According to The Guttmacher Institute, 75% of people in the US have sex before they turn 20 yo. While just under 33% of teen girls become pregnant. We all know that statistics can be twisted and say whatever you want! So, as a youth leader... as a pastor's wife... as someone that went through high school in the late 90's... as someone that interacts regularly with todays teens... THEY ARE HAVING SEX!

Bristol's sex life has been opened wide to the world - because she became pregnant. So - for all those people out there freaking out about Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter - get off your high horse! If you didn't have premarital sex, your kids probably have! And if they didn't - your grandkids probably will!

Or maybe all this isn't about premarital sex... maybe its that Sarah didn't force her daughter to have an abortion in order to "hide their shame." Frankly, there are so many parents/children dealing with this issue right now - that if anyone could empathize - it is Sarah Palin.

I'm so fired up right now! Let me try to calm down a little and clarify a few things. I believe pre-marital sex is wrong. But, I also believe that WE ALL make sinful, stupid choices that land us in a heap of crappy consequences. I believe that Sarah Palin and her family have taken the high road, by supporting their daughter. I believe they have taken the high road by being tranparent and honest with the American people. And frankly - that is what I want in office! Someone who is transparent and honest!

Time will tell if this transparency-trend continues... I'm praying it does.


Anonymous said...

I agree with what you say--that the focus on Palin's daughter misses the point, and the focus would better be on her. But our reasons differ. As a Democrat, I want the focus to be on her qualifications--or lack therefor--for this job. Having come across the post of a clearly well-reasoned religious Republican (at least, I gather so much from the content of your blog and tone of your post), my honest question is, do you honestly believe that being Governor of the nation's least populous state for 1.5 years, and being mayor of a village of 6,000, "executive experience" as it may be, qualifies her to possibly be President? And if so, why do you think people (perhaps yourself) honestly say Obama isn't (ideologies aside)? Peace be with you and all of us in any event.

Shanna said...

As a republican OR democrat - we should all be looking at qualifications. However, I must ask if any person is truly ready to be president? And simply because a person holds all the required credentials does not necessarily make that person the best candidate. In part, I'm playing the devil's advocate here... I value experience and qualifications - I'm not saying throw them out the window. But, leadership is a risky business. How many people have taken positions of leadership only to fail?

As for the question regarding Obama... I can't answer that intelligently at this point. I'll get back to you soon.

Cory said...

was reading walt mueller's blog and thought he did a pretty good job as well articulating the heart of this post. check it out at http://learningmylines.blogspot.com/2008/09/pressure-off-pressure-on.html