Last night I met a friend at Panera. It was so good. She shared her story... I shared some of mine. We laughed a lot and cried a little. God is good for bringing me this friend.

Today we got up early (because 7:30AM is EARLY on a Saturday!) and went to the mall for a business expo. Our church had a table there and we handed out a bajillion fliers for our "Creature from another Planet" series that starts tomorrow. It is a series on Parenting and the church has either mailed or handed out tens of thousands of these awesome fliers. Whew! Definitely not my thing... but still good. Cor and I got to visit with our Senior Pastor's wife, Sue. Pastor Vince and Sue are great. We've been incredibly blessed to have 2 amazing senior pastors so far in ministry. Which for a youth pastor... sometimes that is a major fear going into ministry!

Anyways... we're having friends over for dinner tonight. It should be a fun and relaxing evening. But, I'm supposed to be making dinner (pizza rolls and buffalo chicken pizza rolls and potato soup - I'm not even sure if that combo works together, but too late to turn back now... especially since there isn't much more than that in my cuboards!). So, I better stop procrastinating...

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