tuesday night randomness

it's a quiet fall night, and many thoughts are roaming through my head tonight as i eat a late night pizza. i was gonna make shanna some chicken noodle soup, but she fell asleep before i got the chance (she's got a bit of a cold to contend with). some random stuff from the past few days:
- we're REALLY looking forward to vacation in a couple weeks. it'll be nice to step away and regroup for a few days. on the ministry side of things, one of the things i love about vacation is handing over to others stuff that i normally do, and in the process finding people who can do it better.
- we started up student leadership teams again for the fall last sunday night. as we're starting the meeting with everybody, and as i call them all into a circle, one of our adult leaders sits on a whoopie cushion that was conveniently placed there by the middle school boy sitting next to her. nice... i hope she comes back.
- that same kid is on the music team and as soon as we let out, he grabbed the infamous whoopie cushion and tried to see if he could tune it with a guitar tuner...
- got back a little while ago from our 2nd meeting with our "adult" small group and had a great time! our leader started out by asking what superpower we would have if we could have any, and what we'd call ourselves. i want the superpower of just looking at someone and they're totally on board with what i'm thinking/feeling...no convincing or debating needed.
- as a staff we've been reading carly fiorina's Tough Choices and picking apart the leadership lessons throughout the book. it's been great and very insightful, but i'm very behind on my reading and i need to have the book finished by tomorrow morning.
- i have a meeting setup tomorrow to discuss the possibility of launching 'life hurts god heals' - a program for hurting students. i'm SO excited about this because so often when a teen is in crisis in our ministry, they get the best we can give them, but i find myself dreading those calls because i know there's only so much we can do. i think this program will give us an infrastructure where we can begin to 'pray' for those calls to come in and open our arms wider.

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