it's amazing to me how many methods and ways we have now to read God's Word. hundreds of print bibles - hardcover, softcover, waterproof, leather, engraved, with tabs, etc. there are probably just as many websites and apps that are even more easily accessible. a couple years ago i discovered youversion.com and started to poke around at its features. but it wasn't until a recent update of their app that i started really using it for my personal bible reading. here's a couple reasons why you would be crazy not to at least get the free app for your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Droid and give it a try.

it's free
like so many great things that lifechurch.tv puts out, it's free for the taking and intended for sharing and spreading without the financial speed bump.

bible reading plans
right in the app, you can browse over 25 (and counting) different reading plans. once you think you want to try one out, you can select it and begin reading each day. it automatically checks the reading off after you complete it, and syncs with your progress from other devices as well. as you browse their reading plans, you'll notice that not all are the standard "bible in a year" plans. there are a number that will only take you through certain portions of the bible, and the duration varies from a couple weeks to a couple years.

no guilt
a recent update added a "catch me up" feature to the bible reading plans. when you get behind so far that you want to quit (as most of us do), you can just tap that button and it automatically adjusts your start date so that today's reading is the next one in line. in essence, you'll finish the plan later than you originally would have, but at least you're more likely to finish at all! i started a couple new plans a few weeks ago and already needed to use the "catch me up" button (and i don't feel guilty)!

public and private notes
as you read, you still have the ability to create notes, highlight sections, and bookmark certain passages (much like the kindle app and iBooks). but you also have the option of making those notes private for only you to see, or public for anyone on youversion.com to see. you're also able to easily share your notes on twitter or facebook.

if you haven't gotten it yet, you should so check it out!

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Andy said...

i agree, it's awesome! if i had an iphone i'd use it everyday