an uncomfortable tension

so this afternoon i was working out of the office at one of my favorite restaurants, panera - doing some preaching prep on our new series which begins this sunday. ironically the series is called 'billionaire' and is on money management, tithing, and living generously.

i walked out to my car afterwards and as i was just about to get in to drive away, a man called out to me and approached the car. i knew right away what he wanted. he asked for some money so he could catch a bus to henrietta for a job interview, and apologized for not getting to the car sooner to help me brush off the car. he asked where i worked, and we talked for a little bit. then i reached into my wallet, gave him enough money for the ticket and a little extra, and i also handed him a Lakeshore invite card.

a few years ago i would've avoided conversation, said a prompt no, and driven off thinking i did the right thing (because he'd surely spend it on beer or drugs). but more and more i've discerned that for me personally, that's just a cheap way out of avoiding an uncomfortable tension.

as i drove away praying for this man, i concluded that for me, i'd rather be known as someone whose money fed an alcoholic's habit, than someone whose money was never given away at all.

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