makes me wanna puke

i don't know how much you've been following the news, but i just saw this article about the [unfortunately] infamous people from westboro baptist church and their intent to protest the arizona shooting funerals. what really saddens me is that this kind of thing is getting less and less surprising from these lunatics.

if i can say one thing to my seeking / "unchristian" friends in moments like this, it'd be:
this is NOT christianity... and this is not me.

sometimes it's easy to think we're all the same, but we're not. i don't dive in a bomb shelter every time i walk by a middle-eastern man in an airport, so don't make the same assumption when you see my name associated with a church. i don't believe that God sent the shooter, i don't pray for more people's destruction, and i don't believe that God is laughing at this.

but please do me a favor: if i ever get this screwed up, please send some insanity-claiming gunman and have him center his cross-hairs on me.

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