indoor swimming pools

thursday morning we woke up to about 2 inches of water in our basement....a quarter of which is now carpeted. we've had water in the basement a few times since we moved in, but this was by far the most extensive yet. i told shanna we should just scrap the plans we had for the basement and go for an indoor pool.
- the water is out now (fire department came and sucked it up) late last night
- a plumber tried unclogging the floor drain unsuccessfully
- everyone says we need to get a hole dug and a sump pump installed because this will only keep happening as the water continues to run off the ridge to lake ontario
- currently the theater room's carpet is off the floor and drying on the back porch...fans blowing everywhere in the basement; the smell reminds me of our guys' cabin at the end of snowcamp
- fighting thoughts of frustration & anger at the previous owner who claimed the basement was "dry". why can't people just be honest? we probably would've still bought the house...we love it here...but be honest.

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dad said...

I would think if you could make a little sandbag pool around the drain and put a sump pump in over the drain, when the water gets to coming in the pump would come on and take it out. Probably the sandbags like the tube sand we put in the cars in the winter would work OK.