i still remember a comment from craig groeshel at willow's leadership summit last year. it was in a q&a slot after his main session - people all over the world texted in questions. the one was something along the lines of the following (i couldn't find the clip anywhere online): "how is it that i serve God my whole life and yet life is still so hard and i find that i'm just not happy?" it's a question i've asked many times myself, along with many others.

his response was so blunt...but so challenging:
"see i believe something different.
i believe that we serve God...[long pause]...and then we die."

sometimes we get caught up in feeling that we are somehow entitled and that we deserve good from God. the reality is quite far from this. what good we do experience is purely an act of grace on God's part. but regardless of how life turns out, we serve Him. we build into others. we invest in things bigger than ourselves. we love others unconditionally. we seek to make His name great in this world.

and then we die.

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Mark H. said...

I believe that it's important to be aware that death can come at any moment because it forces you to value every moment of life. I think the young and the healthy have this false notion that they're invincible from death which causes them to engage in behavior that is risky or, on the flip side, they waste hours on end doing nothing of worth (i.e. video games, television). Just my two cents. This is a very interesting post.