Thankful Thursday

Hopefully, life is slowing down a little again and we can jump back into blogging! Hopefully, we'll see a come back of "Thankful Thursday"! Here's my list for today.

  1. Our House. I LOVE our house, our retreat from the world. Birds in the duct work, snakes in the basement, and all!
  2. My job. My job is great! It is flexible and a laidback work environment. I'm thankful for the paycheck each week.
  3. Flowers and Sunshine. I love, love, love that summer is on its way! The lilac bush and the mystery bushes have little green buds. The tulips are coming up! My sliding glass door is open and I can hear the rooster crowing away!
What are you thankful for today?

1 comment:

Christa said...

I am thankful to see friends this weekend :) and for the great day that I had with my kids!