kitchen cabinets

shanna is apparently still missing. if she was around, she'd probably post something like this:

when cory & i moved into the house, i decided that we needed to give the kitchen a little "face lift" and brighten it up by painting the cabinets white and covering up the dark natural wood coloring. i like thinking out of the box because i'm so creative like that. when cory counted the cabinets...all nearly 30 of em...he wasn't so excited. but we've slowly little by little been working on them. today we spent most of his day off working on this all-consuming project...which consists of the following steps that my anal husband makes sure we follow:
1. tape the wall around the molding
2. sand the cabinet / door
3. primer
4. sand again
5. paint coat #1
6. paint coat #2
7. attach door to the cabinet

after spending ALL day today on this... we have... 4 cabinet doors done! (only 26 to go) since cory doesn't like to feel "behind" he just shouted from the other room that the goal is to get them all done by 2013 (i guess we're doing pretty well)!

here's a shot of the wood-colored nastiness:

and here's a shot of today's accomplishments:


Todd said...

lol - that is great and true!

Christa said...

I think it looks great and aren't you a great husband! :)

chief commander said...

If a project is worth doing, it is worth doing it right. Nice job.