flower city work camp

this week is a big one for a number of teens in the youth ministry: flower city work camp. fcwc is a week-long event where teens from churches all over the rochester area come together to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the city. the teens spend their days at one of 48 'worksites' working with adult leaders to repair homes that badly need it in the city. it's a program that's very much like habitat for humanity, and very similar to Group's Work Camps. the teens spend the evenings together with times of powerful corporate worship, interactive teaching and challenges from God's Word, and discussion groups at the end of the night with their youth group...before falling asleep on the floor for the night. shanna and i stay overnight all nights of the week to be able to connect with our teens and help them process the event. no doubt it's been an exhausting week, very disjointed in some ways - but at the same time incredibly powerful. was up last night till 11:30 having a conversation that needed to be had badly...and i'm excited for what God will do as a result. friday night shanna and i are gonna rent a movie, lock ourselves in the theatre room, watch the first couple of scenes, and then fall asleep till sometime saturday...
it's an amazing week!

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