random thoughts

haven't had the time to blog much lately...but here's some very random thoughts from life right now:
- as a ministry we are doing the 30 Hour Famine today and tomorrow. REALLY beginning to look forward to this event, the awareness that it raises to the issue of world hunger and our responsibility. maybe it's the youth pastor part of me right now, but i think i'm even more excited about the names on the list of those coming to this event - a number of teens we've either never met or have had very little contact with. still wondering what about giving up food for 30 straight hours is attractive to teenagers...
- just last night finished up a two week series called 'more than a glance' to help us get ready for the famine. powerful series. last Thursday Todd Bush came and spoke and really challenged us all in big ways - super practical, very fun, highly interactive, and immensely powerful!
- shanna and i were looking at the calendar the other day and realized that we have successfully stacked the last 5 weekends with ministry stuff, and the one before that we made the big move into the house. i'm thinking that might be a new definition of insanity...or stupidity.
- we are REALLY getting pumped for alaina & brendan's wedding...pumped because those are always fun times...but definitely pumped also because it's on the beach in florida. we're planning to extend the few days down there in may an extra couple days...and take the rest of the week off as a quiet vacation.
- easter's coming and i'm extremely excited. easter is one of those times when "not-really-into-church" kind of people are more likely to come. i love lakeshore because when people come to church there it doesn't really feel like "church"...which is good because many time the "feel" of church is kind of uncomfortable, and if we're honest we'd rather just go to the dentist. lakeshore doesn't feel like that...and i'm pumped that people will be able to connect with God in some new and refreshing ways!

ok gotta go...

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