new years...hopes

i know since it's now mid january posting about new years resolutions...or in my case...'hopes'...seems a little bit on the late side. these are some of my thoughts that i jotted down a few weeks ago, and just now able to post on it. not sure i'll be able to see these all checked off in 12 months, but that's the "hope"...

1. go to the dentist - i've needed to for a long time, i've asked for good ones in the area and have a list, but i've been putting off the whole scheduling of that daunting appointment for too long. wow this is overdue.
2. get a website up for ISM - currently we have almost no web presence, but i'd rather have nothing than something shotty. we need something clear and simple, yet fun and interactive.
3. pursue ordination - i'm supposed to get ordained by february 2011, and it'd be good to make some headway in that department this year.
4. get a website up for sharing ministry resources - this would include anything that we create: graphics, series plans, videos, game ideas, ministry philosophy stuff, small group curriculum, training resources, etc. anything we can give away for free in order to benefit other ministries. i love what lifechurch.tv is doing for the church at large, and have been sensing a responsiblity that we have to follow suit.
5. ISM attendance increase by 40-50% - obviously God gives the increase, but we want to be strategic and smart...and ambitious enough to live with a sense of intense urgency.
6. lakeshore's new building with dedicated space to students - very excited about this, and we want to see the best possible youth room created...but i hope that we can also keep creating disciples and not consumers in the process.
7. buy a home - shanna and i are in the hunt right now and hoping to find and close on a purchase soon.
8. watch the eagles win the superbowl - man they're on right now and mcnabb's getting older. don't miss this opportunity!
9. get pregnant - this is a "we" goal, not a "me" goal obviously (that would be a medical wonder). we would love this, but also know and are totally cool with God's sovereignty in this process.
10. start a "friday feast" - once a month invite about 6 teens over for dinner - somewhat randomly, but also somewhat strategically to foster relationships that maybe otherwise wouldn't get started.
11. increase my "be with" factor - read the book by bo boshers on vacation and was a good reminder of the easiest and simplest way of making disciples...to simply give them opportunities to "be with" you.

here's hoping!


Alaina said...

Sorry, but #8 is not going to happen. Let's just get that disappointment out of the way. Maybe they could tie...........?

Alaina said...

Bah-hahahaha. Nope. I couldn't even keep a virtual straight face.