Ramen Noodles and Spoiled Siblings

I am almost all unpacked and my coupons are completely organized and ready to go for my grocery shopping trip today! :) I am sitting here eating Ramen Noodles. yum. Not Anna-style Ramen, though, because I do not have any eggs or lettuce... (and that is the ONLY reason I'm not eating my Ramen anna-style! really! I promise!)

Speaking of which - here's a picture from our recent trip. Anna requested one and since she is my baby-sister - I did promise I'd post it on our blog. (I don't think she knows it, but she's got me completely wrapped around her little finger!)
Anna got this amazing make-up kit for Christmas! (From my parents! I wasn't allowed to wear all that stuff until I was in high school! She's so spoiled! So is Grant. He might even be MORE spoiled than Anna! He got to be the baby for so long AND still got a little sister! Spoiled! Spoiled! Spoiled!) Anyways - here we are all make-uped up (and hair straightened a la Anna). And some more great candid shots with my parents. Who do I look like more?

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