a good step to take

so i'm sitting in staff meeting this morning and the discussion turns to the need for a fill-in teacher for the "second steps class" later in the evening. (second steps is the "second" 12 week class in a series of classes for new believers). i began inching down in my chair...hoping that my 6-foot, somewhat noticeable presence would be ignored. last week's staff meeting brought a similar situation to the table, but that one was to officiate at a memorial service of someone i'd never met and who's family i didn't know. i was under the table when that one came up. but tonight's last minute request was my turn...my schedule was pretty much clear. i think i made something up to make it sound like i had a "pending" appointment...but i had nothing. all day today in my head i was kicking and screaming about it. i don't know why but i get frustrated whenever i'm asked to do something that has nothing to do with youth ministry. it's a rough edge that i need to deal with but it comes up all the time. of all the days too, this was a tough one. didn't get much done in the office today because the church just got a new server and all the computers were messed up and needed attention all day. so i went into the class in many ways grumbling and complaining. but God, as He always does so well, reminded me that He's in charge of my schedule and He's in charge of it for a reason. it was so refreshing to be around those in this class - relatively new christians who are so fresh and vibrant and young - they ask questions in "unconventional" ways and have not be "christianized" with our native lingo. it's so refreshing, and i needed to be there for it. it was humbling how so much of what i said and how i said it didn't make sense or connect. we can get so used to talking a certain way that others don't get what we're saying because we've been so removed from their world. it was profound to see simple truths that to me i've known for years brought joy to them like the first time it clicked in my head. i had taken those basics of faith for granted. it was good for me and God knew it all along.

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