humbling moment

today shanna and i were very thankful for a day off together - it seemed at first that shanna was going to be working today, but that changed and was a huge blessing for us. it's been a few weeks since we've really had a day with just the two of us and the pace of life lately has been a little psychotic.

one of the things we checked off our list today was grocery shopping. we've slowly eaten what seems like everything in the house and haven't had a chance to go to the store lately. for some reason, and i still don't get this one, shanna loves it when i go with her. i have tried to convince her since we got married that it'd be a great time for her to connect with God alone and be out with the people in the community apart from me...but she doesn't quite see it that way. at any rate, when we got home i was overwhelmed with how much food we now have and how full our cupboards are. we've been making statements a little too flippantly lately, such as "i'm starving" and "there's nothing to eat in this house" and tonight was a reminder of what a pathetic lie those statements represent. i don't understand what it's like to starve...or what it's like to literally have NOTHING to eat.

we were just at a conference with our church's district - it was this past weekend near pittsburgh and it was on mission trips to the ukraine. i don't know if that's where we'll end up taking the students, but i do know that there's lots of needs there. as we watched a video of the orphans, poor, and needy there in the ukraine, it rocked my world. i don't know if those images ever get old. i hope they don't to me. and i hope it continues to spur me onto greater action, and less thoughtless statements.

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