been a long time

it seems as if i took a major blogging break during the past week...in fact i think i took a major break from virtually everything in life...and it was wonderful. it was a great vacation, very refreshing, and hard to come back from. it started like most do...with a huge list of things i wanted to check off the list with my new abundance of time. but this vacation proved a little different. very few things actually got crossed off, and yet this time, i'm not feeling bad at all about it.

one of the highlights no doubt was our trip to the adirondacks with my parents and the climb to the top of the mountain. it's amazing the perspective you can get when you're on top of a mountain. absolutely amazing. the colors were vibrant, the views breathtaking, and the air exhilerating. here's some shots i took at the top of a tower at the summit. shanna started snapping some pics but before long got freaked out from the heights and handed me the camera.

not sure where this one came from...

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