this week...

This weekend we're heading to Somerset, PA to attend a missions conference for our district. We're driving down with some other people with church and we'll be there Friday and Saturday. (Won't have our own car, so probably won't be able to visit with any friends/family. To be soooo close and yet unable to get home... rrrrrggggg its so frustrating!) I have no idea what to expect. Hopefully, Cory knows more. :)

At youth group on Thursday, I received a compliment from one of our teen girls that made my week. She said I, Shanna Hunneyman, was kinda edgy! WOWEE! Why was that a compliment??? Well, I've always felt pretty "uncool" - the dorky band-geek. :) So, maybe she was just being nice, maybe it was the new haircut, maybe the definition of edgy has recently changed, but maybe I just am a little edgy! Whatever the reason - it was still euphoria for awhile. I realize this is totally vain, but its still makes me happy. I love working with teens. (Yes, I still say that when they tell me I'm old or don't want me to hang out with them. lol.)

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