sushi bar

last night shanna and i 'broadened our horizons' and stepped out into new territory...we ate sushi. a couple days ago we were invited to join 2 other couples at a place called arigato japanese steakhouse. it's the real deal...we were sitting around this super hot surface under a giant kitchen hood...the chef comes out and cooks it all in front of you (but only after flinging the knives and utensils through the air)...flying flames in front of your face...it was amazing. he even built a volcano out of an onion. aside from the sushi...we had mushroom soup (neither of us are big fungus people), and fried rice and chicken which tasted amazing. i'm definitely more 'american' in what i choose to eat if it was just me...but this place had the most incredible atmosphere!

in other news, shan and i leave for pittsburgh tomorrow morning at 6am (ouch) with 4 other adult leaders from ISM for the national youth workers convention. i'm looking forward to the sessions, seeing the skit guys, david crowder band, connecting with other youth pastors from the greece area, etc....DEFINITELY looking forward to the hotel hotel...

...but more than anything i can't wait to spend 4 days chilling with our leaders that make such a big impact on our students' lives. they are great people, and the prayer is that they especially can come back refreshed, renewed, and recharged to go at it all again.

tonight at ISM we wrap up the welcome to the planet series, hoping and praying that God does some incredible things among the students that have been coming since week 1. next week we begin a brand new series called Extreme Makeover: Youth Room Edition as we try to get on board with the capital campaign that's happening church-wide right now to raise funds for Lakeshore to expand its current facilities. should be a fun series.

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