Camera Broken...

After several unfortunate incidents, my camera is finally out for the count.  We bought her last summer because 1. I started falling in love with photography and my point-and-shoot made me want to cry.   2.  My sister's wedding  3.  Mozambique  4. Future work from home job possibility.

Thousands of pictures have already been taken.  Most photographically & artistically bad.  But, my improvement was obvious and incredibly affirming.  I also loved to hand her off to one of our teens or some other adult and let them shoot for awhile.  First, because I love seeing their POV through the lens and second, my little Nikon D60 can make even the most inexperienced photographer feel really good.  :)  She was an amazing piece of equipment that just knew how to do her thing with very little direction.

I took her to Rowe Photo today to have them take a look.  The guy took her all apart and fiddled with buttons, etc (pretty much exactly what I did here at home though a little more confidently) and then pronounced her issues beyond his scope of expertise.  The next step is sending her back to Nikon.  Getting her fixed will cost almost as much as what it cost to buy her.  Actually, I could probably find a body for only slightly more than what they want to fix the thing.

Well, I'm off to eat some more chocolate and try to accomplish something today other a successful pity party.  

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