on edge

i tweeted the other day that i was feeling a little "on edge" and i wasn't quite sure why. it's probably just me and my own issues ... maybe a little overwhelmed with all the pressures of life right now. everything is good and we are beyond blessed...it's not that. i could write a million blog posts on all the amazing things we have to be thankful for right now! i guess i've just been disappointed in some people, frustrated with others, and just plain sad for others.

but then something surfaced today that made me even more on edge, and somewhere in my spirit i know my "on edge" feelings a couple days ago are somehow tied to this thing that surfaced. today i received this in a message:

I brought a friend with me [to church...] I know he could use some guidance. Not 1 person even said hello to him. I just don't get it.

i've been the guy plenty of times before that walked by and never said hello. and i guess that may be why this is so frustrating. but sometimes i think we forget how desperately in need the people are that we pass by everyday. the people who come to our church, the teens who come to our youth stuff and wear fake smiles. i'm tired of them not getting noticed, and walking away thinking the church doesn't care. and i'm tired of feeling the pressure as a church staffer to meet the needs and pick up the pieces that the church people should just naturally do anyways.

i'm not angry...just a little on edge.

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