thinking critically

really enjoyed seeing cpyu's article they put out a few days ago before the superbowl. the superbowl commercials have become just as much of a show as the big game itself. tonight with my small group of 8th/9th grade guys i plan to watch the following ad that aired Sunday night, and i plan to use the 7 questions in the article to try to help them think critically.

i absolutely LOVE our group right now as we're going through the book Every Young Man's Battle. the battle for purity has dramatically changed over the last 10 years, and our students are getting bombarded from literally every direction. a statement i've been throwing out there a lot recently is this: "the battle is no longer about SHIELDING yourself from temptation, as much as it is about EQUIPPING yourself to respond correctly. for those in "the battle", is that a true statement?


Alaina said...

That was definitely one of the better commercials...I'm pretty sure I lol-ed when I saw it.

Mark said...

In regard to lust I think it's important to ask yourself what kind of person you want to be: the kind that treats people as sex objects or the kind that sees beyond their physical appearance to the real person inside of them.