youth leaders

we have a fantastic group of adult leaders in our student ministry...honestly they are the backbone of the whole structure and i'm pumped every week to see how much they invest and pour themselves into the lives of students!
last night reminded me how great they are. we were doing one of those goofy, pointless games that sometimes you lay in bed at 3am asking yourself "did we actually play that?" this particular game we divided the group into 4 teams and each team was given a bunch of clothespins. (clothespins are as useful as balloons in youth ministry i'm finding!). each team then had to select one person to be the "model" while the rest of the team gave them a new hairdo with clothespins. sounds a little painful eh?
as we kicked off the game, it was interesting to me which person got elected for each team...and of the 4 teams, 2 of the models were adult leaders. the final image is still in my mind today - absolutely hilarious. reminds me that adults who work well with students don't have to have a goatee, an earring, play the guitar, and be 22. they can be and are in their 50's, 60's, and even older!

what makes a good leader?
1. an intense love for God
2. a deep like for students
3. willing to make themselves vulnerable
4. they don't take themselves too seriously

i saw that last night and it made my night!

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