tuesday night random stuff

it's tuesday night...shanna and i (mostly shanna) are watching twilight. we've seen it a few times already, but shanna's been on this kick lately because she picked up the first book, and then had to get the other 3 and completely read them too...all within a couple days. she describes the consuming addiction of it to me like a new season of 24. i find that hard to believe except for the craze surrounding the books in teen culture. despite our own personal views on movies and books like twilight, there's definitely a sense in which it's important to see what our teens are seeing so we can speak intelligently with them on it.

as we look back at the last few days, here's a few random happenings:
1. FIREPROOF MOVIE - lakeshore showed the movie at the church on friday night and it was neat to see all the people there and the challenge the movie gives to marriages and the importance of working at it continually. the acting was pretty bad at times imho, but the plot was good and it was still challenging. what was even cooler was doing dinner with a few couples before the movie, and then going to a cafe AFTER the movie with a whole bunch of others from the church. i love how relational lakeshore is!
2. SLT PARTY - saturday evening we hosted all the students that have served on a student leadership team over to the house. we used the bbq and cooked up tons of food for everyone, put up a volleyball net in the backyard, played hide and go seek and terrorized our neighbors, and had a bonfire. it was SO great to see our entire yard used!
3. KITCHEN CABINETS - spent a good portion of my day off yesterday working on 4 of the kitchen cabinets and doors - they are hung and up. pictures soon...
4. SOFTBALL - this was the first win in like 5 or 6 games, and it felt so good. we actually beat them so bad the game ended in 5 innings due to a mercy rule. everything was good until a member of the other team made a derogatory comment at the very end about the umpire. i'm not the purest in terms of my temper on the court or on a playing field, but it really bothered me. i went up to the umpire after the game (we had casually talked some before the game) and i apologized for him. i hate apologizing for other christians. i know many have had to for me before and they probably felt the same way. it's a shame.


Mark Hunneyman said...

Sounds like a very eventful (and fun) week.
I tried reading The Twilight books but I threw it away 50 pages in. Harry Potter is so much better than sparkly vampires :P
Re: the umpire Wow, that must have taken humility. It stinks that you had to own up for somebody else's faux pas.

Ben Mariano said...

Mark, I've never met you, but you I absolutely agree with you about Harry Potter. Sometimes I feel as if I want use the Cruciatus Curse on Edward Cullen. (For those unfamiliar, in Harry Potter, the Cruciatus Curse basically tortures whomever you throw it at.)

I can see it now: "Harry Potter and the Love-Stricken Vampire".